Inflated University Administration Salaries

Louisiana State employee salary information posted on reveals just how highly university administrator’s salaries are inflated.

According to the data, which is from 2008, twenty-two of the twenty-five highest paid state employees work in the University system. This include the ten highest paid state employees: LSU President John Lombardi (550k), Athletic Director Stan Bertman (425k), Assistant Head Coach David Crowton (400k), LSU chancellor Mike Martin (400k), Commissioner of the Board of Regents Sally Clausen (377k), President of the Board of Regents Michael Moffett (375k), Vice President of the LSU Board of Supervisors Fredrick Cerise (357.5k), Executive Staff of LSU/Health Care Services Michael Kaiser (353k), and Athletic Director Joseph Alleva (350k).

The Board of Regents employs 14 people that make more than 100k (all bureaucrats; board members themselves are unpaid).  The Board of Supervisors employs 13 people that make more than 200k a year.

In comparison to these hopelessly bloated salaries, the instructors who were given non renewal notices earlier this year almost all make between 30-60k year.



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